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The Ariails Family Project April 30, 2012

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The Ariails Family Project


Update April 15, 2012

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So far talking to my grandfather helped give me more background information, though he was confused the whole time. My dad also helped considering he also works at Ariail Tire. I found an old newpaper article about the opening of Ariail Tire which was pretty cool because its from the 30s. 


Family History Update April 3, 2012

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What has helped me dig deeper in finding out more about my family history is just simply talking to my family members. Also the last time I was home I went to our local library and found a lot of information on my family and also more about the area where I am from. So my best advice is to take a trip to your local library while your home and that should help a lot!


What helped me.. February 28, 2012

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The main source I found for doing my research on the Ariail family, was actually a website about the Ariail family. This website came not only with a family tree dating back to before 1700s, but information about important marriages and burials.

For my family history projects the best product examples was the information I found on  It gave a wide variety of information not just including the family tree, but military background on some of the Ariails, different origins of the name itself. The book that has helped me the most was actually “Who Do You Think You Are?” by Megan Smolenyak. The book has help me understand the different reports that I found on

Secondary Sources:

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  10. The history of France, from the earliest times, to the present important era. [electronic resource] : From the French of Velly, Villaret, Garnier, Mezeray, Daniel, and other eminent historians; with notes, critical and explanatory; By John Gifford, Esq, Gifford, John, 1758-1818

The American Dream February 9, 2012

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The American Dream is different for everyone. For me I am living the American Dream for a college student. I have a stable income, no parents to argue with, and I have no real commitment to anyone but myself. Most of all I am happy. My future American Dream consists of large white house filled with children and loving husband, also being finically stable.

Personally Iv already rethought the American Dream. Americans need to rethink too and realize what they actually do have. “Freedom from Want” one of Roosevelt’s “four essential human freedoms” Americans should stop wanting what they do not need. If you cannot afford a flat screen television then do not put it on your credit card and owe money but keep using the working television in front of you. To me Americans have gotten lazy by not working for what they need but for what the want. Instead of putting food on the table Americans buy drugs or unnecessary items. “It was freedom from want, not freedom to want.

During the Depression time Americans had to strive for the essentials to live. They were not worried about how nice and expensive the house or car the owned was. As America grew new form money developed credit. Credit cards gave people money they did not have, creating this freedom to want. No longer did Americans just want the necessary but wanted the unnecessary. “They had lost their parents Depression –era since of thrift, blithely taking out personal loans or enrolling in installment plans to buy their cars and refrigerators.” As the years went by and more Americans had credit cards the United States, “formerly the world’s biggest creditor nation, become the world’s biggest debtor nation.

This new upgrade to credit and money changed the American Dream from the pursuit of happiness to the pursuit of wealth.  Everyone wants to be the Joneses and not just be keeping up with them. Personally I lived with the Joneses and their unnecessary need to be better than everyone, when I say “better” I mean richer or at least look richer, is not the way to live.  Since the experience with Joneses I have gone back to the pursuit of happiness not the pursuit to out do everyone with fancy phones. 



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Individualism to me is a unique way of disguising yourself/culture from others. Wither it be purple hair or facial rings on your body it disguises yourself from others.  There are many other ways that individualism can be defined. It could be your religion, your ethicist, or maybe your own outlook on society.

There are many forms of Religion, each being unique and different from one another. A christans disguises them by worshiping one God and Jesus Christ; other religions may worship many Gods.

Your ethicist gives you individualism by what race you are. If you are African American you may celebrate Black History month in America.

The people you surround yourself with also make you unique. When living in a society people ten to celebrate the same culture. Such as receiving presents from Santa on Christmas or recognizing and giving thanks on Thanksgiving.

In modern American culture typically what makes us different from other countries is how diverse we are. Our nation was built from immigrants from all around the world giving us several cultures that merged into one. In America one religion is not worship but many. There are people of all races that built societies. American is different from corner to corner. Each individual society has different beliefs and customs.

Individualism is everywhere in American and in the world. Each person is different from the next but do have some of the same qualities with one another. 


links February 8, 2012

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